Apple's innovations and changing technological fortunes

Steve Jobs (left) with the Apple Macintosh Credit: Press Association

Apple has come a long way since the company was formed in 1976. Here are some key dates in its long innovative history.


Apple Computer is formed on April Fools' Day by Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.

In the garage of the parents of Steve Jobs in Mountain View, California, Steve Wozniak built the first Apple computer.

The first Apple computer, The Apple l Credit: Press Association


The Macintosh computer goes on sale.

Steve Jobs (left) with the Apple Macintosh Credit: Press Association


Apple introduces the Newton, a hand-held, pen-based computer.

Apple's Newton handheld Credit: Apple/PA


Apple unveils the iMac, a two-tone coloured computer and monitor.

The Apple iMac Credit: Press Association


The first iPod goes on sale.

One of Apple's first iPods Credit: Press Association


Apple launches the iTunes music store selling one million songs in the first week.

A Motorola phone with iTunes Credit: Press Association


Apple expands the iPod line with the tiny Nano and an iPod that can play video.

The iPod nano Credit: Press Association


Apple releases its first smartphone, the iPhone.

First version of the iPhone Credit: Press Association


Apple sells 15 million iPads, its newest gadget, in nine months.

Some sceptics doubted if tablet technology would take off Credit: Press Association


Launch of the iPhone5.

Customers looking at an iPhone5 inside the Apple Store Credit: Press Association