Bee Gees' Barry Gibb describes life without his brothers

Barry Gibb says he has had a lot of support from his family and fans. Credit: Dave Hunt/AAP/Press Association Images

Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of the Bee Gees has described his emotions on going back on the road without his brothers Robin and Maurice by his side.

Robin died last May, and Maurice in 2003.

The 66-year-old singer/songwriter who played in Australia earlier this year, told the Sun: "On stage is hard. One minute you feel they're right with you, the next you know you've got to pull something off yourself.

"The audiences have been incredible, they've been so supportive. They're finding closure as well", he added.

Gibb also said his wife Linda had told him to stop moping around the house.

"She told me to get off my backside and stop going along with the whole idea that everything was finished for me.

"She said, 'You've got music, so make music!' That was her kicking me, so I decided to jump right in."

Barry Gibb now performs with his son Stephen and niece Samantha. Credit: Paul Miller /AAP/Press Association Images

Now when Gibb performs, the absence of his brothers is eased by having his eldest son Stephen on guitar, and Maurice's daughter Sam singing with him.

He said: "We created this show that really celebrates everything we ever did, or as much as we could put in to a show. I feel good. I felt a lot worse last year with all the stress over Robin.

Robin Gibb died from kidney failure last year after fighting cancer.

"Personally, I think Robin knew he was dying. I knew he was ill for a long time, it wasn't just the last couple of years.

"It's a hard reality, but we will all see it at some stage. That's the lesson, it's not unique to any person."

Gibb will hold performances in Britain and Ireland in the autumn