Naiko the dog has adjusted well to his four prosthetic legs

Naiko runs around at his home in Colorado Credit: Reuters

The owners of a mixed breed dog who was fitted with prosthetic limbs say he has adjusted well to his new feet.

Fresh pictures of Naiko enjoying his limbs have been released by his owners, almost two years after his pioneering surgery, to prove how quickly animals can adapt to this new technology.

Naiko was rescued by an animal shelter from an empty house in Nebraska, USA.

He was found in the cellar in a pool of ice cold water and as a result he developed frost bite in his feet and in his tail.

Surgeons were forced to amputate his paws and the end of his tail to save his life. With lots of specialist nursing care the wounds healed into rounded stumps.

He caught the attention of veterinary assistant Christie Pace of Colorado Springs who adopted him at eight weeks old.

Ms Pace then launched a fundraising drive to buy Naiko his new limbs, which can each cost up to $3,000.

He adapted so well to his first rear set of bionic paws that the company who designed them offered a front set for free.

Ms Pace hopes that by releasing more photos of how well Naiko's doing, other dogs in his situation will be offered the pioneering treatment.

Naiko had his back legs fitted first. Credit: Reuters