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EDL rally attack plot was uncovered by 'pure chance'

Five of the men involved in the terror plot are captured on CCTV. Photo: Police Handout

This is the second major terrorist plot to come to court this year that has its roots based in Birmingham.

The West Midlands Counter Terrorism unit were aware of one the defendants, Jewel Uddin, who had appeared on the fringes of an earlier terrorist plot as a fund raiser.

He was actually seen by officers going into a homeward shop in the Sparkhilldistrict of Birmingham just a few days before this attempted attack on the EDL rally.

Jewel Uddin.

Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale from West Midlands Police, admitted that it was "pure chance" that the car was pulled up on the M1. He said the officer had done his job well and could not have known there were weapons in the boot.

Regarding the police failure to be aware of Jewel Uddins's role in this plot he said "We have looked at it and seen if we joined all the dots up and we feel, based on the evidence, we have we wouldn't have done anything different. We have to operate within the law; go where the evidence is."

He said that the police had become better at preventing terrorist attacks, "Massively better than we used to be - have prevented at least one attack plan every year - but it doesn't provide 100% total assurance."

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