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Six Islamic extremists plead guilty to EDL terror plot

The men have pleaded guilty to plotting an attack on an English Defence League rally. Photo: PA

Six men accused of preparing to carry out an attack on a rally of the right wing group the English Defence League have pleaded guilty at Woolwich crown court.

The six men Omar Mohammed Khan, Jewel Uddin, Mohammed Hasseen, Zohaib Ahmed, Mohammed Saud, and Anzal Hussain all from Birmingham were believed to be targeting a march in Dewsbury to mark Armed Forces Day on June 30th last year.

It appears that they men arrived in Dewsbury after the march had ended and were heading back to Birmingham on the M1 motorway when they we stopped as part of a routine traffic stop.

The police officers asked to see an insurance document for the vehicle which the men did not possess.

The car was confiscated and taken to a compound but it was two days later before the boot was checked and found to contain an arsenal of weapons.

There were fireworks packed with nails and ball bearings and modified to be an IED, two shot guns and ammunition and numerous knives and machetes.

The men were traced and a second car was found through automatic number plate recognition and three men travelling in it were also arrested.

A sixth man who was involved in the planning was arrested with Khan.

The mens' fingerprints were found on the weapons and a document called 'Operation in the Defence of the Prophet Mohammed', which was also found in the hold alls in the back of the car. Sentencing will be on next month.

The men were caught with a mixture of luck and poor timing.

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