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Imran Khan addresses supporters from hospital bed before election

Imran Khan is in hospital after a stage fall on Tuesday. Photo:

Imran Khan conducted his final election rally in an unusual way after being forced to address supporters from his hospital bed after a bad fall on Tuesday.

It was not the ideal end to campaigning for the former cricketer turned politician.

But political analyst Raza Rumi told ITV News Khan's fall could help boost his already substantial popularity ahead of the election.

ITV News International Correspondent John Irvine reports:

The former cricketer has held rallies on a greater scale than the other parties who fear reprisal attacks from the Taliban.

Khan, who is running on an anti-Western message, seems to have been granted immunity from those attacks.

Elsewhere in Pakistan, there was more election violence. At one rally for a former prime minister, the candidate's son was kidnapped and his guards killed.

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