Astronaut records first ever music video in space

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International Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield has recorded what must be the first ever music video in space.

The Canadian pioneer created his version of David Bowie's Space Oddity just days before he is due to return home from a memorable five months away from Earth.

Hadfield has gathered more than 770,000 followers on Twitter and his message posted to share the video has had nearly 6,000 retweets:

The top rated comment under the spaceman's video on YouTube read: "This is among the coolest things any human being has ever done."

Commander Hadfield's effective social media presence and imaginative use of his time in space has won him hundreds of thousands of fans as well as valuable publicity for the ISS.

Previously he has demonstrated what happens when astronauts cry in space, shared stunning pictures of Earth from afar, and chatted with William Shatner live from his tin can.

Currently handing over the controls of the space station to Russian astronaut Pavel Vinogradov, Hadfield returns to Earth on Tuesday.

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