Pakistani voters stick with what they know as Nawaz Sharif claims election win

Nawaz Sharif has won a third term in office as Pakistan's prime minister. Credit: REUTERS/Mohsin Raza

After an invigorating election campaign, voters here in Pakistan have decided to stick with the familiar. They have elected the Prime Minister they already know - Nawaz Sharif.

Having enjoyed two victories during the 1990s, he has now won a third term in office.

The 63-year-old industrialist faces many challenges: a dire economy, crumbling infrastructure and Taliban terrorism designed to bring about democracy's collapse here.

Bomb attacks during voting yesterday claimed more than 50 lives across the country.

Like the Bhutto family, Mr Sharif's family is part of the political establishment in Pakistan.

The strongest challenge he faced came from a relative newcomer - the former cricketer Imran Khan. His party won enough seats to give him a strong voice in opposition, but no more.