Astronaut Chris Hadfield's highlights in space

Commander Chris Hadfield aboard the International Space Station. Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has been entertaining the masses with his tweets, photographs of Earth and videos during his time at the International Space Station.

Commander Hadfield's intriguing insights into life while orbiting the Earth have attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and even led to chats with The Queen and William Shatner.

As the Canadian prepares to return to Earth on Tuesday, we take a look at some of his best moments aboard the International Space Station:

Tweeting fascinating images of Earth from the International Space Station

A volcano in the Andes with its own lake. Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield
Where the Mississippi enters the Gulf of Mexico. Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

The Queen sends Chris Hadfield her best wishes

The Queen sent her "best wishes" to Chris Hadfield as he took over control of the International Space Station. Her message read:

Cmdr Hadfield used his webcam to demonstrate what happens to tears in space:

Hovering 240 miles above space, Cmdr Hadfield and his crew held a live webchat:

Kevin Ford, Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn talk live from space. Credit: YouTube/NASAtelevision

Watch the webchat here:

Cmdr Hadfield surprised his crew in space with eggs at Easter:

Cmdr Hadfield with the surprise eggs aboard the International Space Station. Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

The Canadian astronaut answered questions from William Shatner during a webchat:

And in the final days of his mission, Cmdr Hadfield recorded his version of David Bowie's Space Oddity:

To which David Bowie responded:

Commander Hadfield is due to return to Earth on Tuesday after handing over controls at the International Space Station to Russian astronaut Pavel Vinogradov.