Microsoft has given the world the first look at its new game console, hoping the newly named Xbox One will build on a solid core of gamer fans and become a hub for living room entertainment.

The third-generation console, coming eight years after the Xbox 360, was unveiled by games chief Don Mattrick at an event at the software company's campus near Seattle.

The new Xbox interacts with a user's television, responds to voice commands, and includes Skype video calling.

A partnership with US sports broadcaster ESPN to display sports statistics and background using voice commands through the Xbox One. Credit: Microsoft

Technical specifications

  • 8-Core CPU

  • 8GB memory

  • 500GB hard disk drive

  • Blu-ray drive

  • Wi-Fi direct

  • USB 3.0

  • 1080p wide camera

Microsoft demonstrates Xbox One uses for television viewing. Credit: Reuters

Microsoft has led the gaming industry in terms of console sales for the past two years.

The Wii U, announced in November 2012, was the first major UK home games console launch for six years.

This is a timeline of the market leaders' UK releases:

Sony PlayStation

  • 1994: PlayStation

  • 2000: PlayStation 2

  • 2006: PlayStation 3

  • 2013 (tbc): PlayStation 4

Microsoft Xbox

  • 2002: Xbox

  • 2005: Xbox 360

  • 2013 (tbc): Xbox One


  • 1997: Nintendo 64

  • 2002: GameCube

  • 2006: Wii

  • 2012: Wii U