'UK refused to help Adebolajo after Kenya torture'

Lucy Manning

Former UK Editor

Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo was detained in a court in Kenya in 2010. Credit: RTV

Michael Adebolajo was tortured in Kenya and his family informed the British government who would not help, his brother-in-law has told ITV News.

It means the authorities here have known for three years that Adebolajo had been detained and deported by the Kenyans, who believed he was trying to get to Somalia to train with militants, raising questions about their assessment of him.

Hear the brother-in-law's claims to ITV News within Lucy Manning's report:

Adebolajo's brother-in-law claims this Kenyan incident radically changed him.

We (the family) contacted the British government and essentially, they refused to do anything and the Kenyans were saying they were going to kill him, behead him. We had clear proof that he was being tortured ... violently and sexually. It seemed almost as if the British government were not cooperating in any way with him or trying to help.

I would say he's always been different since then. You could almost say he's a changed man in certain ways. He was a lot quieter and quite bitter towards the fact that he wasn't getting any help from anyone. They did the opposite of what they were doing really. If they wanted help, surely they would have given him some support first?

His brother-in-law, who totally condemns the Woolwich attack, claims MI5 later approached Adebolajo to work for them.

They asked some questions and they obviously asked him would he be a spy for them ... I mean it's a lot of pressure on a person considering what he's been through. You'd expect maybe they'd say 'Can you tell us about Kenya, can we do anything for you?' But instead you know, they basically pestered him for years, when he was trying to recover from something psychologically damaging.