Re-live record-breaking Everest base jump with daredevil's helmet camera

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A Russian daredevil has completed the world's highest ever base jump by leaping from from Mount Everest in Nepal.

Valery Rozov, 48, jumped from the north face of Everest at a height of 7220m above sea level.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed Everest's 8,848m in 1953 and since then a number of others have reached the summit.

Rozov spent more than two years preparing for the Everest jump, including a considerable amount of time and effort devoted to developing a special new Wingsuit.

Rozov and his team, which included four sherpas as well as photographers and a camera crew, spent nearly three weeks in the Himalayas before the jump.

The ascent began on the Chinese side on the famous north route.

Rozov had selected an altitude of 7,220m for his leap and it took four days to climb from the base camp to the jumping location.

Despite adverse weather conditions with temperatures 18 degrees below zeo, Rozov successfull - and safely - landed the jump.