Woolwich suspect Michael Adebolajo 'approached by UK Security Services'

Case notes from Michael Adebolajo's meeting with Cage Prisoners. Credit: ITV News/ Cage Prisoners

Michael Adebolajo’s brother-in-law James Thompson spoke to ITV News about repeated attempts by MI5 to recruit Adebolajo as an informant, and repeated contact they had with other family members seeking information about him.

Yeah obviously it's a shock to everyone. Especially within the family circle we didn't really expect or anticipate it because I'd spoken to him quite recently and he wanted to do charity work.

Mr Thompson claims that MI5 contacted him Michael and Michale's other brother:

Me and my other brother-in-law were obviously pestered and then there was obviously Michael who was pestered more than us. The interesting thing is that they would ask us about him rather than ourselves so we could see they had a keen interest in him even though we couldn't put the pieces together because he was just a family man, he had kids and he worked, he didn't do anything that we considered extreme. We need to question the Security Services and we need to question the British government in regards to how they deal with extremists and with regard to foreign policy and western intervention.

ITV News UK Editor Lucy Manning reports:

ITV News has also obtained documents that suggest the UK Security Services were trying to recruit Michael Adebolajo and had also approached members of his family and urged them to get him to agree.