Sale of takeaway foods for children before 5pm could be banned under new proposals

Salford council have proposed a junk food ban for school children Credit: Steve Parsons/PA

The sale of takeaway foods to school children before 5pm could be banned under new measures to cut childhood obesity in Salford.

Chip shops, kebab houses and even big chains like McDonalds could see restrictions in serving school children junk food during school hours.

The plan, which will only apply to new takeaways, is just one of the measures proposed by Salford council to reduce childhood obesity.

Residents have until 5 July to have their say on whether there should be restrictions, and views will be taken into consideration, Salford Council said.

Takeaways create jobs and provide a service but these ideas are to make sure that they are opening in the right places and not having a negative impact in our city. We dont think they should be serving hot food over the counter before 5pm near schools, as children should be encouraged to eat healthily, so we have made this clear in our proposal. Public health and helping to reduce obesity levels are a top priority, and while planners cannot control the food that is sold we would like every new premise to offer well promoted healthy alternatives so people can have an informed choice about the food they eat.

smaller takeaways and even bigger food chains like McDonalds would be affected if the plans go ahead Credit: MICHAL KAMARYT/Czech News Agency/Press Association Images

Other plans to be considered by the council include:

  • Lifting a ban on takeaways opening next to residential houses and flats because extractor fans have got better

  • Obliging takeaways not to worsen crime and disorder caused by drunken revellers

  • Striking out a healthy eating clause from the planning code, because the council says it is unenforceable

The proposals would only affect new takeaways Credit: DPA DEUTSCHE PRESS-AGENTUR/DPA/Press Association Images

ITV's Daybreak spoke to Reza Latifi, a fish and chip shop owner from Salford who said:

If this was introduced into my takeaway I would have to close down. I rely on lunchtime business to keep my shop alive and if I can't open till 5pm then I wouldn't make any money at all. This is the most stupid idea ever - it would not only ruin me but also rip the heart out of the local community. I don't see Salford council trying to close down shops that sell crisps and sweets as well - we all love fish and chips in this country, it's our national dish.