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Families scramble to safety as German floodwaters rise

Families in parts of Germany were left scrambling to their rooftops after two levees broke. They were airlifted to safety as floodwaters swept through many towns and villages.

Authorities say at least 16 people have died and at least four others are missing in flooding which has hit many parts of central Europe.

In Deggendorf in southern Germany helicopters have started evacuating residents after levees along the Danube and Isar rivers broke.

A house enclosed by the water near Meissen, Germany Credit: Press Association
Lorries seen on the flooded motorway A3 near the eastern Bavarian city of Deggendorf Credit: Reuters
Shipping containers partly immersed in water at the flooded harbour in Riesa Credit: Reuters
Village engulfed in floodwaters from the river Danube near the eastern city of Deggendorf Credit: Reuters
Car roofs stick out of the water in the flooded Deggendorf Credit: Press Association
Open boots of two cars stick out of the water Credit: Press Association
An army truck drives through the water of the Elbe near Strehla, Germany Credit: Press Association