The children of Zaatari: Syria's city in exile

Sarah Yasser, from Homs. Credit: ITV News/ Lufti Abu-Aun

Amer Yasser, a 7-year-old boy from Baba Amro, in Homs, a neighbourhood that faced some of the fiercest fighting in Syria. Amer said he can’t wait to go back to Homs and return to his school.

He, his sister Sarah and their family have been at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan for four months.

Sarah Yasser, from Homs. Credit: ITV News/ Lufti Abu-Aun

Eman Atallah's family home was shelled and she sustained an injury in her leg which eventually led to the leg being amputated. She came to the Zaatari camp with her mother and siblings just a month ago - her father remained behind in Syria.

Eman Atallah, from Daraa. Credit: ITV News/ Lufti Abu-Aun

Eight-year-old Rawan arrived at Zaatari refugee camp two months ago after fleeing her home in the Deraa region of southern Syria.

She witnessed her village of Sanamein being shelled every day by troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.

She says she is happy that there is school in the camp. ”I will continue my studies until I become a doctor and treat Syrian children."

Rawan, 8 , fled from her village in southern Syria after it was shelled by government forces. Credit: ITV News/ Lufti Abu-Aun

Mohammed Malek and Mohammed Nour, both eight years old, were school friends in the province of Deraa until the war broke out in Syria.

Malek's family arrived at the Zaatari refugee camp almost a year ago and Nour's followed four months later. They were reunited among the camp's sprawl of 25,000 tents.

Best friends: Mohammed Malek and Mohammed Nour.

Israa Bassam is 11-years-old. She said she does not want to go back to Syria, where she was afraid all the time that she will die. Israa came to the Zaatari refugee camp just 10 days ago .

Israa is frightened to return to Syria where she was always scared that she would be killed. Credit: ITV News/ Lufti Abu-Aun