Compensation culture is 'damaging our children'

£5m in compensation was awarded to pupils last year, according to new figures Credit: PA

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act shows that £5m in compensation was awarded to pupils in England and Wales last year.

In one of the biggest single pay-outs, a pupil from Hertfordshire won £310,000 in compensation from the local authority, ITV Daybreak has found.

In Southampton a single claim for a pupil falling down the stairs a pupil was £60,000.

In other cases, £5,000 was awarded in compensation and £6,000 in legal fees for a child falling into rose bush and £3,500 and £10,000 for a child who had a book dropped on his foot.

Mum of three, Liz Fraser, said: "To raise our children with that idea [that you can compensate for every little thing] is very damaging."

Other pay-outs included:

  • £19,000 compensation and £20,000 costs for 'pupil trapped leg behind radiator'

  • £48,000 comp and £18,000 legal for 'slipped on stairs'

  • £7,500 comp and £19,000 legal for 'trip on astroturf'

  • £7,500 comp and £67,000 legal for 'pupil injured knee on goal-post in playground'

The government says it brought in new legislation in April to reduce compensation claims but legal firms have told Daybreak that have seen no change in the number of cases.

Daybreak's Louisa James reports: