Alps victim's brother moves from witness to suspect

Zaid Al-Hilli (left) has been arrested by police following his brother Saad's death. Credit: Robin Bell / Daily Mail / Solo Syndication

So, ten months after his brother's murder, Zaid al-Hilli has moved from witness to suspect.

Arrested at his Chessington home in connection with the murder of his brother, his sister-in-law, her mother and a passing cyclist.

Last Wednesday, I spent a number of hours with the chief prosecutor on the French side. He was very clear Zaid al-Hilli was not a suspect. However he added "that could change at any time." It seems that time has come.

Now the 54-year-old will be asked about the feud between he and his brother over their father's estate - an apartment in Baghdad's Green Zone, another in Spain and around £800,000 in a Swiss account.

The day before I met with Eric Malliaud, there had been a case conference bringing together detectives from France and the UK.

They were considering what questions needed to be put to the Al-Hilli girls as part of their final formal statements and also "working out how to move the case forward" - it seems now the arrest was pre-planned and a result of Zaid al-Hilli is not replying to requests to speak to him.