Prank goes wrong as man gets stuck inside traffic bollard for hours

Passers-by were keen on laughing, not on helping out. Credit: YouTube

A prankster had to be saved by police after getting stuck inside a traffic bollard for over two hours.

He finally emerged with scratches down his back and an embarrassed look all over his face.

During the rescue operation, passers-by stopped to take photos and make suggestions.

One said: “Turn it the other way, pour water into it and he’ll pop out.”

Another observed: “It’s going to rain soon – he’ll be alright under there.”

The prankster's friend, fed up with walking around town with a two-legged cone, protested: “He ain’t done nothing wrong, he can walk around in a cone if he wants to."

In the end, the pal and an amused officer managed to prize him out of his traffic hell.

After the drama had ended, the policeman did not even have the heart to question his behaviour, simply saying: “Do you mind awfully if I have this?”