Spinning statue mystery at Manchester Museum

The Egyptian statuette has been filmed moving inside the display case at the Manchester Museum. Credit: Manchester Museum

An Egyptian statuette, dating back to 1,800BC, is creating intrigue at the Manchester Museum.

The statue of Neb-Senu was retrieved from a Mummy's tomb and handed to the museum 80 years ago but recently staff have noticed the statuette has been rotating very slowly inside its display case, being seen facing in different directions.

In a bid to solve the mystery, a time lapse camera was rigged up next to the case to take one image of the statuette every minute for a week.

It can be seen rotating 180 degrees in the display case on a glass shelf during the time period.

Staff at the museum believe the movement may have been caused by subtle movements from traffic outside or the footfall inside the museum itself.

But the fact the statuette has been in the case for decades and has never moved before and that no other items in the case have moved is puzzling staff.

Watch the statuette's movements in the time-lapse video below: