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Ian Brady's face is a picture as he listens to evidence at mental health tribunal

A court sketch of Moors Murderer Ian Brady. Photo:

I've now spent two days watching the Ian Brady tribunal. The press, like the relatives of Brady's victims, are watching the hearing on a video-link from Ashworth secure hospital.

The camera shot now shows Ian Brady sitting, listening to the evidence.

He's dressed entirely in black. No shirt or tie today, but a black polo neck and, (unusually, given the hearing takes place in a small room), a black overcoat and sunglasses.

Facially, he is completely impassive. Barely even twitching. He has the same emotionless expression he wore in that famous police "mugshot" in the 1960s.

He is almost fifty years older, his hair is grey and thinning but behind the sunglasses I'm sure the eyes have that same cold stare.

Ian Brady after his arrest for the Moors Murders in the 1960s. Credit: Press Association

The gastro-nasal tube through which, we're told, he feeds himself, simply adds to the extraordinary spectacle.

Especially as we've now learned that despite being on "hunger strike", Brady regularly eats toast and makes himself mugs of packet soup.

Ian Brady's feeding tube could be seen as he gave evidence. Credit: ITV News/Priscilla Coleman

I said on News at Ten last night that Brady didn't strike me as having a "chilling or sinister" presence any more. I'm reviewing that opinion now.

Report from Tuesday 25th June

When speaking to the tribunal, he came across as a grumpy, belligerent, deluded old man. But now he's just sitting, watching, listening and there is something very dark about him.

And if I find it eerie, I shudder to think how the families of his victims are feeling as they sit, somewhere else in this building, staring at the same picture as me.