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Debatable pay: How do MPs' salaries vary home and abroad

All MPs currently receive a basic annual salary of £66,396. Photo: Press Association

MPs' salaries have long been a bone of contention and with the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority set to announce its recommendations later this week, they are once again in the spotlight.

It is thought the regulator could suggest pay rises up to £7,500.

So how does the pay of our parliamentarians measure up against that of some of their counterparts in Europe and the United States.


  • As of April, MPs receive a basic annual salary of £66,396.
  • Those who extra responsibilities as Select Committee Chairs or Members of the Panel of Chairs receive extra payments of up to £14,728.
  • MPs who become ministers receive extra payments from HM Government.


  • Members of France's National Assembly receive a basic monthly salary of £5,514 or 66,168 euros, (£57, 832) a year.
There is no camouflage when it comes to the pay of French MPs. Credit: Reuters


  • Basic monthly salaries for Swedish MPs are at a flat rate of 58,300 Krona (£5,959), the equivalent of £71,500 yearly.
Its fishes and flat rate salaries at Parliament House in Stockholm Credit: Reuters


  • Germany's MPs' appear to be doing better than most, their gross monthly salary is 7668 euros (£6,720) or £80,640 annually.
The basic pay of members of Germany's Bundestag may get the "thumbs up" from MPs in other countries Credit: Reuters

United States

Could America be top of the political salary hill Credit: Reuters

However, well or under compensated MPs in Europe might feel in respect to their salaries, they are likely to pale in comparison to their counterparts across the pond.

Currently, the annual salary of rank and file US Congress members is $174,000 (£117,000).

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