'Ungovernable' Egypt could be set for early referendum on Morsi's rule

A general view of a protest against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo. Credit: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

The Egyptian Army says its ultimatum to politicians to agree a way forward by tomorrow afternoon does not amount to prior notice of a coup.

Interestingly, the Army chief who laid down the law did not call for President Mohamed Morsi to step down.

Nor did he threaten to overthrow the president. Which raises the question - what can the generals do if their attempt to bang political heads together does not bear fruit?

Just getting rid of Morsi would lead to uproar among his supporters and probably widespread violence.

But the status quo isn't workable either.

One alternative might be an early referendum on Morsi's rule.

Such a vote would only continue to expose Egypt's bitter divisions. However, it may be the least bad option. Right now Egypt is ungovernable.