Muslim Brotherhood calls for Egypt show of strength

A soldier keeps watch on a road close to Tahrir Square in Egypt Credit: Reuters

The motivating factor for the dramatic developments of the last week has been numbers on the streets, and the Muslim Brotherhood knows it.

Until now, they have been comprehensively outnumbered by their opponents.

That's why they called for a massive show of strength across Egypt at Friday prayers.

They need to convince the Arab world that despite being dumped out of office in its most populous country they remain a force to be reckoned with.

At the largest gathering in Cairo the imam called for peaceful demonstrations.

But other clerics have been issuing threats, accusing the army of creating a Taliban and al-Qaeda in Egypt.

The Brotherhood may have renounced violence years ago but they appear to be willing to incite it in others.

With a helicopter display the army have again been flying the flag literally over Tahrir Square.

Their posture close to the Brotherhood gathering is very different: soldiers we saw had fixed bayonets.