NHS 111 call handlers 'not properly trained' for role

Call handler at the NHS 111 service Credit: ITV News

Call handlers at the NHS non-emergency service 111 have told ITV News they do not feel properly trained to deal with patients calling in. One claimed that 70% do not feel fully prepared for the role.

Christine Jones said a 111 call handler suggested she take her son Tom to A&E because the antibiotics he had been given for a tooth ache and abscess were not working.

Tom said he went to the GP originally and was prescribed the antibiotics but the problem was not improving.

However, the NHS insists that - just like 999 operators - NHS 111 call advisers are fully trained.

Call handlers at the NHS 111 out-of-hours service claim they feel under trained Credit: NHS

However, another call hander told ITV News they disagreed with the NHS 111 call system, and claimed that morally it was not right.

Speaking to ITV News, the Health Secretary admitted the 111 service was not working as planned in parts of the country and had to do better.

Jeremy Hunt acknowledged there had been "teething problems" and some "operational issues" but insisted it would ultimately benefit thousands of patients.