1. ITV Report

Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley on working hard and paying MPs enough

MPs' expenses watchdog, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, has recommended that MPs' salaries should be increased to £74,000 in 2015.

Conservative MP Sir Peter Bottomley told ITV News: "We have to accept there is never a right time but the best time to set a rate of pay is after a General Election not during the current parliament."

The MP for Worthing West also said that he "deeply regrets" Labour and the Liberal Democrats thwarting plans to reduce MP numbers from 650 to 600 "which would have cut the cost of politics".

Sir Peter also defended the work of MPs and told the ITV News Website: "If an MP is not worth the pay, it is better to change the Member of Parliament".

"At the moment with overtime, I believe the senior police guarding the House of Commons are paid more than I am. The senior clerks are paid more than I am, I expect the librarian is paid more than I am. To which some may say "they are better than you".

"My day started at around 5.45 this morning, Iast night I didn't stop until 12.10am when I responded to my last email.

"I still have 90 emails that came in this morning which I haven't got round to dealing with yet. Not everything I do or any other MP does is hard work, some things are.

"When I look at some of my activities over the last few months, I have persuaded the Government to bring in a vaccination to protect all women against genital warts, so when they get a cervical cancer smear, they get vaccinated for genital warts.

"This will lead to 300,000 vaccinations of females at 13.

"I've also helped persuade the Government to bring in abdominal aortic aneurysm screening for males which will save several thousand lives a year.

"Yesterday, one of my many meetings was about how to protect three million leaseholders from bad landlords and management agents.

"MPs can do what they like, I like to work hard.

"As an illustration of how I and other MPs work, last week, I was contacted by the family of a girl that needs a home adapted to meet her disabilities. Within two days I had made a home visit.

"I then when to see the chairman of the district council, I had a meeting with her builder, I think I made arrangements that will help meet her financial needs, and I am pleased to be able to help.

"In terms of representing constituency needs, in the last three weeks on behalf of constituency interests, I have had meetings with three ministers including the Chancellor George Osborne."