Muslim Brotherhood vow to campaign for Morsi's return for as long as it takes

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on the roof of a building reads the Koran Photo: REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

Muslim Brotherhood leaders have told ITV News today they would continue their campaign for the return of ousted president Mohamed Morsi for as long as it takes.

Thousands of activists occupy streets in Cairo close to an army base where many believe the disposed leader is being held.

Spokesman Gehad El Haddad called on all Egyptians to join them:

We are against violence.

The power of our cause is the power of democracy against a military coup.

But if our blood is the price we must pay to wake the conscience of the nation, and the conscience of the world, we would happily give it.

Thousands of Morsi supporters pray outside the Rabaa Al Adaweya mosque in Cairo Credit: Reuters

Inside the nearby Rabaa Adawiya Mosque, we found the senior Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Beltaji. The new authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest.

"We have our president in jail. Our leaders in jail. This is a struggle to return Egypt to legitimate government", he told us.

Many expect Friday prayers to act as a further flashpoint tomorrow.

Clashes over the past week have left more than a hundred dead, mostly supporters of the brotherhood.