Families complain of lack of Bangladesh building collapse compensation three months on

Laura Kuenssberg

Former Business Editor

Protesters stage a sit in Dhaka.

Three months on from the factory disaster at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh victims and their families still complain of a lack of compensation.

As we discovered in a series of special reports back in May, there had been little sign of any payments from the Bangladeshi government or the Western companies whose suppliers had used the factory.

Some payments have now been made, but not all the money is getting through.

Compensation is harder to claim in the worst cases where victims' bodies were never found.

Today, protesters including 200 orphans who lost their parents, staged a sit in Dhaka where the tragedy happened.

They are also demanding that more retailers sign up to the Bangladesh Safety Accord - a deal done in the wake of the disaster to try to improve conditions in the country's massive garment industry.

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