Norwich hosts world premiere of Alan Partridge movie Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge said he wants to put Norwich "on the map". Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Fictional DJ Alan Partridge today premiered his new film Alpha Papa in Norwich, telling fans the movie was his "love letter" to the city.

Partridge, the alter ego of comedian Steve Coogan, opted to hold the red carpet event in Norfolk following a Twitter campaign dubbed 'Anglia Square Not Leicester Square'.

Speaking outside the Hollywood Cinema in the city's unloved 1960s shopping precinct, he said: "£4 million has gone on this film which could have gone to a brand new anti-natal unit or Help for Heroes but we spent it on this film."

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Partridge said he trusted Norfolk Police to protect him from snipers on the red carpet. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Local celebrities including former Norwich City footballers Iwan Roberts, Craig Fleming and Darren Eadie were among the guests.

Partridge will later fly by helicopter to the capital's Leicester Square for a second showing.

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