He's at it again: Action man Putin poses with a 20-pound pike

Vladimir Putin with his 20-pound pike. Credit: Russia Today

Russian president Vladimir Putin has been filmed in action man mode again.

This time he has caught a 20-pound pike during a holiday with his prime minister Dmitry Medvedev in the remote area of Tuva - but not that remote that the catch was recorded by TV crew and photographers.

It is not the first time he has been filmed flexing his muscles:

2008: Showing off his judo skills

The judo enthusiast and a black belt holder presented an instructional DVD in the martial art in 2008.

2008: Saving a TV crew from a Siberian tiger

Vladimir Putin was feted by Russian media for saving a television crew from an attack by a Siberian tiger in the wilds of the Far East.

Putin apparently saved the crew while on a trip to a national park to see how researchers monitor the tigers in the wild.

Just as Putin was arriving with a group of wildlife specialists to see a trapped Amur tiger, it escaped and ran towards a nearby camera crew, the country's main television station said. Putin quickly shot the beast and sedated it with a tranquilizer gun.

2009: Swimming butterfly in Siberian open water

Vladimir Putin swims in a lake in southern Siberia's Tuva region.

2009: Riding a horse bare-chested

He has also posed riding a horse barechested.

Earlier this month, David Cameron joked that Mr Putin wanted a "bare-chested dress-code" at last month's G8 summit.

Putin in southern Siberia's Tuva region Credit: REUTERS/RIA Novosti/Pool

2012: Flying with rare cranes in a hand glider

Last year he took his love of wildlife to new heights by flying with cranes to lead them on a migration route:

July: Diving in a mini-submarine

And just 10 days ago he took a trip on a small submersible 60 metres (200 feet) to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland to see the remains of naval frigate Oleg, which sank in 1869.

President Putin before the dive Credit: APTN

After the dive, the brave president said: "It's not scary, it's very interesting."

President Putin was accompanied on the dive Credit: APTN

Last June, ITV News correspondent Damon Green reported on some more of action man Putin's exploits:

In comparison, Prime Minister David Cameron is shown here in India - being bowled out by a child: