Egypt's Mubarak could walk free within days amid ongoing violence

Egypt's longstanding leader Hosni Mubarak has been in custody since his overthrow in 2011 Credit: REUTERS/Stringer

Egypt's former leader Hosni Mubarak could walk free within days as the country's interim government tries to maintain control of a deeply divided country.

Today Mr Mubarak's lawyer confirmed to ITV News that all charges against the former dictator, who was ousted in 2011, had been dropped.

The country has been gripped by violence since last Wednesday when security forces used live ammunition to clear supporters of the ousted president from two sites in Cairo, resulting in some 638 deaths.

Human Rights Watch said today that the crackdown was the "most serious incident of mass unlawful killings in modern Egyptian history".

ITV News' International Correspondent John Irvine reports from Cairo:

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The violence continued today with reports that at least 24 police recruits were executed by militants in the country's lawless Sinai region, close to the border with Gaza.

A graphic photo of the aftermath of the killings has been circulating on social media.

It follows the news that at least 36 detainees - reportedly Muslim Brotherhood supporters - were killed in dubious circumstances while being transferred to a prison in northern Cairo.

Some 830 people including police and soldiers have died since Wednesday, according to official figures.

Meanwhile, Egypt's prosecutor lengthened the term of detention for the ousted president Mohamed Morsi by 15 days due to fresh accusations that he incited violence.

On Thursday, Egyptian judicial authorities extended Morsi's detention period for 30 days in a separate case.

He is currently being held at an undisclosed location on allegations of murder and spying.

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