UK poor need a better understanding of food, says tv chef

Jamie Oliver feels an understanding of how to eat well for less is lacking in the UK. Credit: PA

Many poor families in the UK are buying food out of their price range and missing out on vital nutrients, according to TV chef Jamie Oliver.

The 38-year-old superstar chef said he found it "hard to talk about modern-day poverty" as the poor in 21st century Britain did not have a grasp of good food.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the 38-year-old star said poor communities in foreign countries had a better understanding of food and therefore ate better.

Oliver denied being "judgemental" and spoke about a mother and child who had appeared on his previous show, Ministry Of Food.

Oliver, whose new Channel 4 show, Jamie's Money Saving Meals series is designed to help people save on their food bill, added:

Jamie's Money Saving Meals starts on Monday on Channel 4.