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Tough 'Eagle dad' trains five-year-old son to become youngest person to fly an airplane

Five-year-old He Yide at the controls of the ultralight aircraft Photo: Reuters

A Chinese boy forced to train in the snow by his parents has become the youngest person to pilot a plane, his father has claimed.

He Yide, nicknamed Duoduo, manned the ultralight aircraft at Beijing Wildlife Park in China after receiving private flying lessons.

He Yide flies the plane in China Credit: Reuters

His father, He Liesheng, who has been dubbed "Eagle Dad" for his tough parenting style, now plans to contact the Guinness World Records to register his son as the world's youngest pilot.

He Yide has also learnt how to sail a boat, and father and son also attempted and failed to climb Mount Fuji and had to be rescued.

He Liesheng and He Yide during their attempt to climb Mount Fuji Credit: Reuters

Despite some accusations that he is a pushy parent, Liesheng has defended the challenges he has presented his son.

He told ITV News' China Correspondent, Angus Walker:

"A child can only really exercise their body and willpower under harsh conditions. It's up to the parents to decide what kind of person they become."

Last year, footage of He Yide, aged four, running through the snow in only his underwear and shoes went viral.

In the video, he was seen crying and pleading "Carry me daddy, Carry me". Instead, his father encourages him to continue "Hurry up, run faster".

His mother is also heard saying "It's okay. Come on, you're the best".

It prompted a debate on their tough parenting style.