New Prime Minister Tony Abbott wins Australia election

Tony Abbott voted new Australia Prime Minister. Credit: LUKAS COCH/AAP/Press Association Images

Tony Abbott and Australia's conservative opposition swept to power ending six years of Labor Party rule and winning over a disenchanted public by promising to end a hated tax on carbon emissions, boost a flagging economy and bring about political stability after years of Labor infighting.

ITV News reporter Joanna Simpson:

British-born Abbott has said he is looking forward to forming a "trustworthy and "competent" government, after his Liberal-National coalition swept to victory.

I now look forward to forming a government that is competent, that is trustworthy, and which purposefully and steadfastly and methodically sets about delivering on our commitments to you, the Australian people.

Conceding victory Labor's Kevin Rudd he accepted the responsibility for the loss.

I know that Labor hearts are heavy across the nation tonight, and as your prime minister and as your parliamentary leader of the great Australian Labor Party, I accept responsibility. I gave it my all, but it was not enough for us to win."

Rudd had wrested leadership of the party from Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

David Cameron sent his best wishes to the new Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister offered his warmest congratulations to Prime Minister-elect Abbott and spoke of the very strong links between the two countries. Prime Minister-elect Abbott agreed and stressed his full support for the United Kingdom, saying that he very much looked forward the closest possible cooperation during his time in office. The call lasted a few minutes and both leaders agreed to talk in more detail about policy issues once the initial excitement of winning the election had subsided.

The election campaign saw several casualties with gaffes and political mistakes costing two candidates their roles.