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In pictures: The water discovery that could meet Kenya's needs for at least 70 years

The tribes people in north west Kenya have sung rain prayers for generations and their calls may finally have been answered thanks to the discovery of a huge water reserve.

ITV News captured the moment water was struck in Kenya.

People in the Kakuma refugee camp, in the north west of Kenya, carry water. Credit: ITV News
Kenyan child Credit: ITV News

Five acquifers have been found in all, the biggest of which could supply all of Kenya's water needs for the next 70 years at least, and much longer if managed properly.

Parched land Credit: ITV News
The amount of water could meet Kenya's needs for decades. Credit: ITV News

The aquifer was found 300 metres below the ground in Northern Kenya.

The tribal people in Lotikipi sing a water praying song at the site. Credit: ITV News
The crane drilling for water can be seen in the background. Credit: ITV News
A pipe produces water on the Lotikipi plain. Credit: ITV News
The water bursts out of the pipe. Credit: ITV News
The people stand and watch the operation. Credit: ITV News
The women of Turkana dance in celebration. Credit: ITV News
It is hoped this discovery will help end Kenya's water woes. Credit: ITV News

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