Prince Harry presents bravery award to inspiring boy

Prince Harry attending the annual WellChild Awards talks to Jonathan He. Credit: Paul Edwards/The Sun/PA Wire

Prince Harry has presented an inspirational award to a six-year-old boy who is bravely battling a life threatening illness.

Jonathan He was picked out of hundreds of nominees to win the Inspirational Child prize, ages three to six, in the 2013 WellChild Awards.

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The youngster, who taught himself to cook after months of being unable to eat anything, has now turned his attentions to winning junior MasterChef.

ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar reports:

Prince Harry gave the six-year-old a round of applause after he sung a song about digging his garden.

Jonathan said the royal praised him for the song, saying "it was brilliant."

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The six-year-old suffers from a rare genetic condition called x-linked CGD, which has led to severe infections, long-term therapy and a high-risk blood transplant, and congenital glaucoma - meaning he is partially sighted.

The Prince, who is a royal patron of the charity, said all of the 2013 WellChild Award winners were "unbelievably brave" and left him "hugely humbled."

Prince Harry also revealed that he saw his baby nephew smile for the first time today and said that being an uncle is "fantastic."

Speaking to children at the 2013 WellChild Awards, the royal said: "I've just literally seen him. It was the first time I've seen him smile."