How will Royal Mail privatisation affect you?

Unions say the flotation of the Royal Mail will erode standards of service. Credit: Ian Nicholson/PA Wire

Every time you lick a stamp you are engaging with a service that's been part of the fabric of Britain for centuries. Now it will change to "Royal Mail PLC".

How will services be affected?

The Government says existing standards including the six-day-a-week delivery must continue. This will be regulated by Ofcom.

Unions claim there will be growing pressure to end the six-day delivery and uniform, and that the prioritisation of shareholder dividends over service provision will erode standards

What about prices?

Having read the legislation, it is clear that universal deliveries along with "affordable and uniform" prices are set to continue.

However, the law has a time limit of 10 years - meaning the guarantees last until at least 2021. Some worry about what happens after that.

Off with her head...

To prevent any risk of the Royal Mail's new owners taking the Queen off our stamps, it is specifically forbidden by Act of Parliament.

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