Family believe abuse at care home led to relative's death

Kenneth Wright, 85, died in 2010 Credit: Family handout

"I knew he was beaten-up", says the daughter of Kenneth Wright.

It's a secret she and her family have only now found the courage to share. They are convinced that whatever happened inside Nottingham's Autumn Grange care home it shortened the life of an 85-year-old father and brother.

They, like so many families, entrusted their relative to be cared for by others, they vehemently believe he did not receive that care and was instead abused.

Their hope is that the truth of Autumn Grange will be exposed in due course and others will be spared the treatment received by Ken Wright.

It is a compelling story and sadly according to the numerous witnesses I have spoken to as part of this investigation unlikely to be the last.

Click here for the Care Quality Commission's statement on the Kenneth Wright case

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