New allegations of mistreatment at Nottingham care home Autumn Grange

Autumn Grange care home was closed following concerns about the care of its residents.

New allegations have emerged of mistreatment at a Nottingham care home already at the centre of a police investigation.

Autumn Grange care home closed down last year following concerns about standards of care.

Eleven people have been arrested and bailed pending further inquiries over the death of Ivy Atkin, 86, who died shortly after being moved from the home.

Kenneth Wright, 85, was also a resident at the care home when he died in 2010. Now, his family claim his life was cut short as a result of an assault by a care worker.

Mr Wright's daughter, May Grice, told ITV News' Rupert Evelyn: "I knew he was beaten up, I knew he was because if you'd fell you couldn't have got them bruises".

Kenneth's sister Myrtle Anderson, a former nurse, said she was horrified by what she saw when she visited him in hospital after the alleged beating.

She is also convinced he suffered at the hands of a carer, "I always say that to my family you know. He died because he was ill-treated."

Mr Wright's official cause of death is recorded as lung and heart disease.

Mr Wright is pictured at the wedding of his daughter May. Credit: Family handout

According to a former worker at Autumn Grange, Kenneth was subjected to repeated assaults inside the home.

She said: "They kicked the fire out of him, they knocked the lights out of him. I don't know what they did to him that time but Ken stopped being Ken."

"You could see the lights going out", she added.

It is alleged that Nottingham's Adult Services, the Care Quality Commission and the manager of Autumn Grange were all informed of the abuse but it was not followed-up.

The former worker said no-one from these authorities interviewed her.

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