Mail on Sunday offer 'unreserved apology' to Ed Miliband after reporter intruded on private memorial service

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks during the first day of Labour's annual party conference. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Both the Editor of the Mail on Sunday and the chairman of the group have apologised "unreservedly" for a reporter intruding into a private memorial service for Ed Miliband's uncle. Mr Miliband said the apology did not go far enough.

ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener reports:

The apology comes after the Daily Mail refused to apologise for a story on Mr Miliband's father Ralph, which was printed last weekend. It was this row which led to a Mail on Sunday journalist heading to the private memorial to ask relatives how they felt about the article.

The Labour leader wrote to the Daily Mail Group chairman Lord Rothermere after the it was discovered the journalist had been at the private service in a London hospital and the paper's Editor wrote an apology.

The Mail on Sunday also said that two journalists had been suspended and a full investigation is being undertaken.

The chairman of the Daily Mail group, Lord Rothermere also wrote to apologise for the Mail on Sunday's reporter's behaviour however a Labour party spokesperson slammed the apology saying it did not reflect the larger culture at both the papers and did not address the issues with the original Ralph Miliband article.

Mr Miliband leader gained widespread political support after challenging the Daily Mail's article which branded his father 'the man who hated Britain.'