Six British high street firms linked to Bangladesh factory

Laura Kuenssberg

Former Business Editor

Firefighters tackle the blaze at the garment factory in the Bangladeshi town of Gazipur. Credit: Reuters

The deputy manager of the factory where nine garment workers were killed last night has told ITV News that six British high street brands used Aswad Composite Mills.

Molla Boadnuzzamah listed Next, Primark, George, Gap, H&M, and Morrisons as customers who were using the factory. Other workers we spoke to independently also gave the names, aside from Morrisons.

ITV news has also filmed documents and files still in the factory showing some of the names including George, H&M, Gap and Primark.

The aftermath of the garment factory fire in Gazipur. Credit: ITV News/Jess Brammar

Nine people were killed and dozens injured in the fire. We were told it started when a machine overheated in the knitting room of the factory. The authorities are still investigating.

We have contacted all of the companies concerned and are waiting for them to respond.

H&M however have confirmed that fabric for some of their clothes was made in the factory.

They've just given us this statement.

Morrisons have given us this statement in response:

Next have given us this statement in response: