The Government today announced it is to cap the increases of regulated fares planned for January 2014.

In January 2014, no regulated fare - which includes season tickets - can go up by more than 6.1 per cent.

ITV News' Consumer Editor Chris Choi reports:

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Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the move was designed to help reduce the cost of living for hard-working people, prediciting the cap could save commuters £200 a year.

The rail customer watchdog, Passenger Focus, welcomed the cap saying it is a "step towards a fairer system" for passengers.

However, the leader of the RMT transport union, Bob Crow, described the announcement as a "total con":

"This is a total con that will still leave the vast majority paying inflation-busting fares to pump up the profits of the private train operators.

"For a few it will feel like having your wallet nicked with the mugger then handing you a few bob back to buy a pint. Nobody will be fooled by this political stunt."

Rail fare increases will now be a maximum of 6.1 per cent next year. Credit: PA Wire

Labour's shadow transport secretary Mary Creagh said the increase cap was "too little too late" and of "cold comfort for commuters".