Edith Piaf honoured in Paris 50 years after her death

A mass was held in Piaf's honour at church in Paris' Belleville area. Credit: APTN

Friends, family and fans of Edith Piaf gathered at a church ceremony in Paris today to pay tribute to the French singer on the 50th anniversary of her death.

Piaf, who endured a lifelong struggle with drugs and alcohol and suffered the death ofher toddler daughter, died from cancer in 1963 aged 47.

Raised in a brothel after her mother abandoned her, she was first spotted when she was singing for coins on the streets of Paris, and rose to fame with the now classic song, "La Vie en Rose".

Known for her trademark little black dress and singing under a spotlight, 50 years after her death, Piaf still remains one of France's most popular voices.

Bouquets of flowers covered her grave and fans crowded around it on Thursday at an informal memorial to 'La Mome,' which means little sparrow.

ITV News' Europe Correspondent Emma Murphy reports: