A life-sized cardboard cut-out of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has enjoyed a trip across America courtesy of two British students.

When James Johnson and Daniel Falvey went on a road trip across the American south, they both believed there was no one better to accompany them on their travels than the MP for Brentwood and Ongar.

'Mr Pickles' enjoying the attention. Credit: Pickles Road Trip

The students took the Communities Secretary to destinations across Nevada, New Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona.

'Mr Pickles' was pictured with Las Vegas showgirls, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on Miami Beach and even admiring the Golden Gate Bridge.

The cut-out was even pictured admiring local infrastructure. Credit: Pickles Road Trip
'Eric Pickles' enjoying the LA traffic. Credit: Pickles Road Trip

The Conservative-supporting undergraduates admit they are "huge fans" of Mr Pickles.

Writing on their Pickles Road Trip blog, they said:

As Conservatives and huge fans of Mr. Pickles, his outlook and his work to modernise and maximise value in our public services, we hope this blog goes some way to document the great man’s adventures across the land of our great Atlantic neighbour.

The 'Communities Secretary' even helped safeguard the Mexican border. Credit: Pickles Road Trip
The cardboard cut-out visited California. Credit: Pickles Road Trip
Pictured at San Francisco airport. Credit: Pickles Road Trip

The cut-out even earnt recognition from the man himself when Mr Pickles tweeted:

The cut-out was reunited with the man himself. Credit: @EricPickles

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