Military children to release 2013 Poppy Appeal single

The Poppy Girls, (left to right) Megan Adams, 10, Bethany Davy, 15, Alice Milburn, 13, Florence Ransom, 10, and Charlotte Mellor , 17. Credit: umusic/PA Wire

A group of girls - whose fathers all serve in the Armed Forces - are aiming to top the charts with the official 2013 Poppy Appeal single.

The young quintet, called The Poppy Girls, were assembled after a nationwide talent hunt and have recorded the Regina Spektor song The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye), which will be released on Remembrance Sunday, November 10.

They will also perform in front of the Queen at next month's Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall.

With a TV audience of more than six million viewers - and such a poignant record - hopes are high that the girls will mark their recording debut with a huge chart hit.

This is a hauntingly beautiful track sung by a group of girls who know what it means to have family members constantly placed in harm's way. We have a major theme in this year's Poppy Appeal around families, so there is no more powerful way of reflecting that than through the voices of these exceptionally talented young people.

The girls - Megan Adams, 10, from Stirling, Florence Ransom, 10, from Petersfield, Alice Milburn, 13, from Portsmouth, Bethany Davy, 15, from Dartford, and Charlotte Mellor, 17, from Cambridge - were picked from around a thousand hopefuls.

The Royal British Legion and Decca Records worked together to recruit the group and the children represent the Royal Navy, the Army and the RAF.

Sejal Karia spoke to the Poppy Girls about their single and performing in front of the Queen next month.