Ann Clwyd will be checking back on NHS promises

Ann Clwyd wants her NHS report to make a real difference. Credit: PA

Ann Clywd says she wants this report to make a real difference. And she means it.

"It will not gather dust" she told me this morning after a room full of weary-sounding journalists had questioned her about what difference - if any - her report will make.

The Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, this morning welcomed what he called her "excellent and important work" but left before responding formally to her recommendations on camera. That will come next month.

MP Ann Clywd, the co author of the report, is clearly "on a mission". The recent death of her husband in a hospital she feels failed him has left her with a drive for personal justice, as well as for political change.

It's a drive she'll need if she wants to see the change - much of it cultural - her recommendations call for within the labyrinthine NHS.

This is the sixth report into the NHS since the Francis report into Mid Staffordshire in February, all of which have called for change.

The Francis report had 290 recommendations, the other reports dozens more

By now we must have hundreds of ideas about what should be done, but not many promises about what will be done.

There have also been six reports since 1994 into how to improve the complaints procedure, including one called "Making Things Right " in 2003, promising reform and published by the Government itself.

"There have certainly been no shortage of reports," say Ann Clywd, who I have been following since she began to compile her research six months ago.

She has made one of her recommendations that she checks in 12 months time to see which of her recommendations have been adopted.

Jeremy Hunt says he will formally respond to today's recommendations - and the others - next month.

Ann Clywd will be watching and waiting:

"I want a complaints handling revolution" she says. "And I'll be back to check it has happened."