Terror suspect on the run is not 'direct threat to UK'

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed. Credit: Police Handout

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed remains on the run after evading surveillance by leaving a London mosque wearing a burqa that covered his face and body.

The 27-year-old had been the subject of a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures notice (Tpim) that can place restrictions on overnight residence, travel and finance. He was also being monitored by security services via an electronic tag.

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ITV News understands the 27-year-old has attended an Al-Shabaab training camp and fought for them on the front line in Somalia. He has also helped those from the UK travelling to Somalia to train.

Somali-born Mohammed has also been involved with the procuring of weapons and played a role in planning attacks on Somalia and overseas.

UK Editor Lucy Manning reports:

Despite his terror links, Home Secretary Theresa May told the House of Commons Mohammed was not a direct threat to the UK and short of locking him up, she was powerless to stop him absconding. Labour say it was "irresponsible" changes by her government that made that the case.

Shopkeeper Sunny Kapoor told ITV News missing terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed bought five mobile sim cards from him in two weeks.

He said: "When you showed me the photo I recognised the person because last week he came to me and buy [sic] a couple of mobile simcards…

"...First he came one day and buy from me two sim cards and second time he came for two and third time he came for another mobile sim card. Five sim cards from me. Recently, in the last couple of weeks."

Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit: ITV News Pool

Asked if Tpims work, following the disappearance, Prime Minister David Cameron said: "They do work but when there's a problem, as there is with this case, we need to act very, very quickly and get on top of it and we will."