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Soldier injured in Iraq defies odds to get pregnant

Hannah Campbell and partner Anthony McMorrow, on Daybreak Photo: Daybreak/ITV

A soldier who suffered horrific injuries in an explosion in Iraq and was told she would never be able to have children again has defied doctors and is due to give birth to a baby in April.

Hannah Campbell was injured in a mortar bomb in Basra in 2007, just one day before she was due to return home from Iraq. It took two hours to dig her out from below the rubble.

When she was finally found beneath the debris she suffered a cardiac arrest.

Army corporal Hannah Campbell, in uniform before being injured in Basra, Iraq. Credit: Family handout/Daybreak/ITV

Her injuries were devastating: her left foot was completely shattered, she was left partially blind in one eye, and she needed plastic surgery to her face.

On her return to Britain and embarking on the start of her long journey of rehabilitation she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, her weight climbed to 21 stone and the strain caused her marriage to collapse.

Hannah's injuries required numerous surgeries, but she had to have her leg amputated. Credit: Family handout/Daybreak/ITV

Medical staff battled to save her leg, but after three years of operations, she was forced to have it partially amputated.

She was told she would not be able to have children again. Already mother to daughter Milly, she accepted her fate and focused on rebuilding her health and recovering mobility and quality of life.

Now 29, Hannah met her new partner Anthony Mc Morrow, 18 months ago.

Both are delighted by the news of miracle baby, but were shocked - having injured pelvic, abdomen, gall bladder and appendix surgery, Hannah also suffers from polysistic ovarian syndrome and was using a coil.

So although medical staff have been amazed by her baby news, no one was more surprised than Hannah, as she told Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones on Daybreak: