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Cop Idol: Russian police cover Daft Punk's Get Lucky

The Russian army has seemingly covered a Daft Punk hit. Photo:

Russia security forces appear to have acquired a taste for singing as members of the country's police force performed Daft Punk's Get Lucky - following the army's cover of Adele's Skyfall.

A sizeable amount of the police's budget seemingly went on the video, which had a smoke machine and several flashing lights.

The choir also had their very own conductor guiding them through the song - although Gareth Malone probably does not need to fear for his day job.

The video was posted online by RIA, one of the country's news agencies:

And here is how it should sound:

The Russian army previously hit headlines for their high-pitched cover of Adele's James Bond song Skyfall.

And here is how it should sound: