Family of British doctor held prisoner in Syria urge Hague to intervene

Dr Abbas Khan entered Syria as a humanitarian worker from Turkey almost a year ago. Credit: ITV News/Family handout

The family of a British surgeon held prisoner in Syria by the Assad regime for almost a year have told ITV News they want the Foreign Secretary to intervene to bring him home.

Dr Abbas Khan entered Syria as a humanitarian worker from Turkey, but within 24 hours of arriving in the country he was arrested.

Although Dr Khan entered Syria without a visa, his relatives say he has no links with jihadists and only went there to help save lives.

ITV News' social affairs editor Penny Marshall reports:

The doctor's family lost contact with him when he was arrested in Aleppo, and only managed to track him down when his mother travelled to Syria to find out what had happened.

Fatima Khan told ITV News she will not leave Damascus until she can bring her son home.

He has not been charged with any offence and there has been no trial, his family has said.

The Foreign Office said tonight they are "extremely concerned" about Dr Khan's ongoing detention in Syria and the Assad regime's refusal to provide access or information.